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There's a lot going on at FIRST RUN. Here are some news items to stay on top of. Also check out our EVENTS PAGE for upcoming events.

LOLA says we're in the news because dogs are just so darn interesting

New York Daily News - August 9, 2008
A Slew of dog runs make 'staycations' for dogs a walk in the park
By Amy Sacks

A chance to check out the newly renovated Tompkins Square Park dog run, the city's first pooch park, is a good reason to head with Fido to the East Village...

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NY 1 - July 29, 2008
Tompkins Square Park Dog Run Reopens
By NY 1

The Tompkins Square Dog Run in the East Village reopened Tuesday morning after a nine-month renovation to rave reviews from area residents who frequent the park. "I think it's a hit! We were a hit from the second it opened," said dog park manager Garrett Rosso...

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New York Daily News - October 25, 2003
Dog Costumes A Real Howl
By Amy Sacks

Tompkins Square Park is home to the city's first dog run, as well as the oldest - and most eccentric - doggie Halloween party. Beginning at noon, dogs and owners will be judged in four main categories: Best Big Dog Costume, Best Little Dog Costume, Best Dog With Kid and Best Dog Team Costume. Carol Vinzant, an East Village writer and former manager of the dog run, said the contest is competitive. "It's one of those things that you probably don't want to admit you want to win," she said, noting that her shepherd, Jolly, will compete as Superdog. . .

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New York Times - September 28, 2003
Oh, the Places He's Been
By Sara Schmidt

He wasn't exactly the Lindbergh baby. But the abduction of Arthur, a wire-haired fox terrier who was briefly held captive after disappearing from his East Village backyard earlier this month, is still a bizarre tale, complete with a demand for money, an anonymous caller and a frightened family. . .

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Gotham City Gazette - May 19, 2003
Sounding Off At FIRST RUN, New York City's First Dog Run
By Mark Berkey-Gerard

Mahatma Gandhi said that a society can be judged by the way it treats its animals. But in New York, another criterion may be how people treat each other when disputes over animals arise. The most contentious of such disputes center around dog runs. . .

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New York Times - March 16, 2003
Straining at the Leash
By Caroline F. Campion

On a midwinter's afternoon in Alphabet City, the neighborhood once known by the alarming if not particularly clever acronym of Assault, Battery, Crime and Death, a young man wearing a scarf and combat boots makes his way toward TOMPKINS SQUARE PARK, tugged along by an impatient companion. Passing dress shops that were once punk bars, the young man follows a panting, furry charge on the end of a frayed leash as they head to their daily ritual, a romp in the park's dog playground. . .

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First Run is New York City's largest off-leash dog park. "Friends of First Run" is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the maintenance, fiscal support and safety of the Tompkins Square Dog Run.