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Park users may not realize this but the Tompkins Square dog run relies entirely on community donations for its upkeep and financial support.

Most New York City dog parks are maintained through a public and private trust with New York City Dept. of Parks & Recreation and the user group dedicated to each dog park.

Parks provides the land but dog owners must contribute funding for materials & operations, as well as keep the dog run clean and encourage responsible use.

In 2010 First Run incurred a lot of expenses: nearly $8000 for a 50 tons of new sand to replenish the dog park's surface, $2000 to install additional base baords around the run, plus funds for a new tool shed, rakes, shovels, hoses and trash bags.

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Friends of First Run is the offical 501(c)(3) fundraising
organization for the Tompkins Square Dog Run.
All donations are tax-deductible.

Volunteer photos:

Every few years our run requires a new shipment of sand (called stabilized, stone screenings) to replenish the park's surface. Your donations pays for the sand, materials, and upkeep of the dog run.

The job started in late fall when volunteers (above) began installing additional base baords around the run

Day 1: 50 tons of new sand arrives

Tompkins Square's new manager Duval Drumond (left) shakes hands with District Manager Mike McLean (center), and retiring manager Harry Greenberg (right)

Day 2: The Parks Dept. sends a crew but they are unable to spread the material throughout the entire park by hand

Day 3 & 4: To keep the project moving, volunteers spend their weekend spreading the stone screenings throughout the small dog run

Day 6: Finally the tractor arrives to grade the large run. (Day 5 was spent wrangling officials to get aforementioned tractor)

Volunteers move the benches and spread the screenings where the tractor can't reach

The work proceeds

Day 7 - 8: The new sand is washed for 24 hours to activate the stabilizer, followed by another day to let the material harden. And finally on Day 9 our run re-opens

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First Run is New York City's largest off-leash dog park. "Friends of First Run" is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the maintenance, fiscal support and safety of the Tompkins Square Dog Run.